The Acropolis Museum

Situated in the historic area of Makryianni,the Museum is a mere some 300 meters southeast of the Parthenon.

From the Parthenon Gallery, on the top floor, there is a panoramic view of the
Acropolis and modern Athens.

Total exhibition space extends to more than 14,000 square meters.

By contrast with the encyclopaedic or universal museums, such as the British Museum, the Acropolis Museum is bathed in natural Attican light which provides a unique ambience. Natural changes in the light through the day affords opportunities to visitors to see sculptural objects within in conditions that are as close as possible to their original lighting conditions.

The visitor’s route through the museum forms a clear three-dimensional loop, affording an architectural promenade with a rich spatial experience that extends from the archeological excavations to the Parthenon Marbles and back through the Roman period.

The topmost rectangular Parthenon Gallery is aligned so that the oriented exactly as they were placed on the Parthenon.