Vale William St Clair

We would like to take this opportunity to express our sincere condolences at the passing of our dear friend William St Clair.

In his response to William’s passing our Founder and Chair Emanuel J Comino AM said:

I’m very sorry to hear the passing of my dear friend William St Clair. It was from his very first book that I learned so much of the back ground of the Parthenon Marbles tragedy, how they were taken in the most barbaric manner by Lord Elgin in order to decorate his mansion in Scotland. Yet, according to the British Government & the British Museum he took the Marbles in order to save them from vandalism, weathering and pollution. Frankly is is rubbish, an unsubstantiated assertion.

It was William who uncovered incident of the ‘cleaning’ & the irreparable damage caused to the Marbles by Lord Duveen in the 1930’s. Duveen caused them to be had them abraided with wire brushes ans chemicals in order to make the Marbles whiter than white.

William, may you rest in eternal peace and may your memory be eternal.

Russell Darnley OAM, Secretary and International Liaison Officer added:

William was a man of great authority on the history of the Parthenon Marbles . He was always generous in his willingness to share his knowledge and discuss ideas. He brought both warmth and patience to discussion.

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