#Pericles and Melina Mercouri in the #BritishMuseum

With all this talk of the latest craze, ‪Pokemon Go‬, we’d like to tell you about another opportunity for a little fun with a serious purpose. If you happen to be visiting ‪#‎London‬ and the ‪‎British Museum (BM) don’t forget to check out Pericles’ handiwork in the Parthenon Gallery.

You might unexpectedly meet up with ‪Melina Mercouri‬ and be informed by Pericles’ critique of the ‪Universal Museum‬.

Pericles’ Critique of the Universal Museum

Pericles informs us that this is the beginning of an alternative narrative in the BM.

Originally a centre of learning, during the 19th century the BM rapidly became a repository of items gathered and sometimes looted from the British Empire and beyond.

Now the BM attempts to retrospectively justify this assemblage of exhibits as a universal or encyclopaedic museum permitting international comparisons between objects. It claims that only here can the Parthenon Marbles’ contribution to human intellectual development be fully understood.

Thanks to Pericles work an alternate narrative is unfolding both at the entrance to the BM and in the Parthenon Gallery. It challenges this imperial taxonomy.

To follow this narrative first download the augmented Reality app ‪Aurasma‬ to your smart phone or tablet. Now follow the instructions on this image.


By following Pericles’ channel parthenonmarbles1816 you can follow his Auras.  Yes, each of his contributions is known as an Aura.

Without visiting the museum you can observe the Auras simply by downloading Aurasma and following parthenonmarbles1816. Just point your device at each of the following images,




This project is in its infancy so there is more to come.  For more background on Aurasma and Auras, click on this link.


Tom Flynn has written extensively about the fallacy of the Universal or Encyclopaedic Museum.


Tom’s book is available here

More about Aurasma





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