More on ‘Mentor’

Thanks to an early contact from the Mentor team we were actually able to scoop Neo Kosmos which features an article about Mentor, by Angelos Rouvas, in it’s latest edition.

Mentor 04

Featuring a beautiful detail from the production the article informs us that release of ‘Mentor’ will coincide with the completion of 200 years (1816-2016) since the Parthenon Marbles were sold and illegally re-housed in the British Museum.

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Secrets of the Parthenon

This documentary is also under Videos but we are featuring it today. If readers have other favourite films about the Parthenon, please drop the links into the comment box and we will make sure to featrure them as well.

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Mentor is an animated film by Angelos Rouvas narrating the hidden events behind the removal of the Parthenon Sculptures, Its creation is designed to coincide with anniversary of 200 years of their transportation to the British Museum.


Like to follow the characters of the film and to learn the as yet not widely known events behind a very important story? Then follow this blog as we post more on a uniquely creative project.

Here is a show reel featuring animation by Angelos.

If this is the quality of his work then Mentor will be an exciting new approach to the camnpaign.

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Why this blog

For some years now we have retained a website but advances in the Internet and digital communications now mean this is an expensive way to bring our digital presence to the world.  By moving to this blog format, and linking this to other areas of our web presence we have opened up more opportunities for our followers to join this discussion.


So welcome to our blog.

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